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See The Witcher's Geralt in action with new Netflix series clip

Check out an action-packed sword fight ahead of The Witcher series' Netflix debut later this month.


Ready to watch the live-action Witcher series when it lands on Netflix later this month? Here's a little sneak peek to tide you over until it finally drops. 

The official Netflix Twitter account posted a quick clip of a sword fight scene that's happening during some sort of banquet. There's plenty of swinging and clanging around in a scene that looks like it wouldn't be out of place in an episode of Game of Thrones. 

Alongside the clip, Netflix put out three new character posters showing off Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. At least Henry Cavill's wig looks less Party City and more Arda Cosplay Wigs nowadays. I'm sorry, but I still see him as Superman, and the overhaul in his look to make him seem more like Geralt isn't doing it for me. I think it's that decidedly Clark Kent cleft in his chin. Something like that. 

Ciri looks a sight different from the game character you're familiar with as well, but not in a very pleasing way. I know these stylized eye colors are there to make the posters pop, but it doesn't really work so much here. 

I don't know, Yennefer looks like some sort of unreal-looking sea creature inthe poster below. It's not edited well, and it makes her look terrible. But hey, maybe that's just the freaky poster working against the show. The actress doesn't look like that IRL, at least from what I've seen. Bizarre. 

If you think The Witcher might be up your alley due to the fact that it's drawn most of its inspiration from the books instead of the game, it's set to debut on December 20. Be sure to check it out and let us know if we should check it out as well. Personally, I'm on the fence whether I want to invest the time to sit through the first eight episodes. Early reviews have seemed positive, but the jury is still out. We'll have to see. 

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