Daemon X Machina now lets you pilot mechs as Geralt and Ciri

In the coolest crossover we've seen on Switch in some time, Daemon X Machina features characters from The Witcher to liven things up.


Ever wanted to slice things up as Geralt or Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Daemon X Machina? You can do just that with a free DLC crossover now.

The Witcher 3 collaboration with Daemon X Machina launched in Japan first, but now the free pack is available for Western players as well. You get a complete makeover for your character for both Geralt and Ciri, including a suit, hairstyle, contours, skin, scar, and eyes to make the look come together. The final look is actually really well put-together, as you can see in the video below. 

Grabbing these awesome cosmetics won't cost you a dime, and they're available now, so all you have to do is turn on your Switch, head into your game, and download the free update so you can clash in combat with mechs as two totally unrelated fantasy characters in no time. 

This new collaboration marks yet another appearance that Geralt has made outside of his own game, including in Monster Hunter: World and Soul Calibur VI. The only thing left is to get him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that totally makes sense now that The Witcher 3 is on Switch.

If you haven't pickedd up Daemon X Machina yet, here's what's up: it's a third-person shooter from Marvelous that lets you go head-to-head with others in giant robots. Basically, if you like mech combat and completing missions, you should feel right at home with this Switch exclusive. Be sure and report back about how awesome it is to play as two now-iconic characters in a totally different game. 

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