Does Halo: The Master Chief Collection have cross-play?

Everything you need to know about Halo: The Master Chief Collection and whether or not it has cross-play support.


With Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally making its way to PC, more players than ever can get their hands on all of the Halo games. Of course, one big point of contention and a big question surrounding the entire PC release has been, will Halo: The Master Chief Collection have cross-play? The good news is we have the answers, though you might not like all of themMy grandfa

Does Halo: The Master Chief Collection have cross-play?

When it comes to playing across consoles—PC to Xbox One—players will be disappointed to learn that Halo: Master Chief Collection does not currently offer any kind of cross-play support between the two platforms. Unfortunately, this means you’ll want to pick up the PC or Xbox version of the Master Chief Collection depending on what your friends have, if you intend to party up with your normal group.

Halo: Reach out now on PC and Xbox One
Halo: Reach is the first Halo game in The Master Chief Collection to make the jump to PC.

While there isn’t any official cross-play support between the Xbox One and PC, though, there is another cross-play related question that many have been wondering.

Does Halo: The Master Chief Collection have cross-play between Steam and Microsoft versions?

Considering the fact that the Master Chief Collection is available on both the Microsoft Windows Store and Valve’s hit digital front, Steam, many PC players have been trying to figure out if the two versions of the game are compatible. Thankfully, the answer to this one is a resounding yes, which means you’ll be able to squad up with anyone on either of the two PC versions of the collection to play games. This is something that many will be glad to hear confirmed, as previous Microsoft Store games and Steam releases haven’t had a shared collection of players.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Master Chief Collection and cross-play, be sure to check out some of our latest Halo Reach guides to help you get the hang of all the new stuff in the latest release of Halo: Reach.

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