Unboxing & Review: Transformers Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-Pack

Shacknews takes a look at the new Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-Pack from Hasbro.


Starting right out the gate, the new Transformers Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-pack comes in a gorgeous box. Sporting a ton of inspiration from the 80s, the premium packaging (as Hasbro calls it) really calls back to the late 80s when the original Transformers line when kicked off in 1984. Of course, the box is only half the story, and to dive deeper into just how high of quality these toys are, we had to take a closer look.

Opening up the box, consumers will be greeted with a fantastically designed instruction manual that, again, feels right out of the late 80s. The amount of precise detail that has gone into making this entire package feel like it belongs in another era is both appreciated and something that helps to sell the product as a whole. Of course, what really matters, though, is the quality of the items inside.

Containing 4 total figures and 11 accessories, the entire package comes together around the three primary figures, Spectro, Viewfinder, and Spyglass. Together, they transform into a stylish camera mode, which looks absolutely beautiful when set up. Of, if you prefer, you can also transform the three transformers into their respective robot forms, or even into their spaceship forms. Personally, though, the robot forms look the best, or if you really want to show things off, set up the camera form and leave it out for all your friends to marvel at.

The Transformers Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-Pack is a set of toys done right, and as someone who has unboxed a lot of Transformers toys, you can trust me. The entire package retails at $69.99 and can be purchased directly from the Hasbro website. If you really want a stylish toy to set up in your office, or if you’re just a big fan of the Transformers toy line, then the Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-Pack is a must-buy.

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