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Unboxing & Review: Logitech Pro X gaming keyboard

The Logitech Pro X gaming keyboard offers a compact and quality-built design and the ability to swap out switch types.


A PC gamer’s keyboard is the lifeblood of their gaming experience. Without a quality piece of hardware, it’s impossible to compete. Enter Logitech and its Pro X gaming keyboard. This device is the culmination of research and hard work specifically targeting professional gamers in Counter-Strike and League of Legends. Shacknews had the pleasure of unboxing, and trying out this pristine piece of hardware.

Logitech Pro X gaming keyboard

The Logitech Pro X measures in at around 14 inches, making it compact enough to take on the go. A concern some players might have with a keyboard this small is its weight. A keyboard that’s light is bound to slide around. However, the Pro X is sturdy and has a nice weight to it and also boasts rubberized feet to ensure it doesn’t slip.

Key switches is a topic that can very easily divide the gaming community. Some like them clicky and others like them silent. Most keyboards are one or the other, but not the Pro X. Logitech has designed this keyboard to allow users to physically remove individual switches and replace them with a different color.

GX blue switches come with the Pro X as standard. These feel great and have a quality tactile responsiveness. However, if you want to make certain keys feel different – or remove the click sound from your WASD keys for late-night gaming – then you can use the tool provided to switch them out.

This is an appealing layer of customization beyond just RGB coloring – which the Pro X also offers. On offer are the brown and red switches, each purchased separately.

The Logitech Pro X gaming keyboard retails for $149.99 USD while the different switch types will set you back $49.99 USD per. For more hardware reviews, be sure to check out the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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