Unboxing & review: Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade

Greg unboxes and takes a look at the officially license mini-arcade Street Fight II: Champion Edition x Replicade cabinet from New Wave Toys.


If you’re a fan of arcade cabinets, then we’ve got something for you to sink your teeth into. Available in a limited quantity for $119.99, the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x Replicade from New Wave Toys is an exceptionally well put together mini arcade cabinet and recently we got the chance to dive in, unbox it, and take a look at it up close.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve taken a look at this particular cabinet from New Wave Toys. In fact, we previous unboxed a prototype of the cabinet. However, now we finally get a chance to try out the officially released version, and New Wave hasn’t disappointed. The cabinet itself is full of fine details, including character art, text, and all the controls you would expect from the cabinet. In fact, the amount of detail on show here is absolutely baffling and honestly something that really helps tie the entire thing together.

The Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x Replicade measures in at 12 inches tall, and includes a couple of useful items out the box, including the charging cable, four mini tokens (which are extremely tiny, so careful not to lose them), and a separate fight sticking controller that mimics the original setup but can be used with the cabinet or even on PC. It’s a nifty little feature.

The controls here are tight and feel really good despite the size. While you probably won’t find yourself spending hours playing the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x Replicade, it’s the perfect arcade cabinet for collectors without a lot of space to dedicate to full-sized cabinets. The included speakers are also quite loud at times, which makes it easy to listen in on the action as you’re playing for that extra bit of glorious nostalgia.

The Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x Replicade is a beautiful and faithful recreation of the cabinet in a fun, collector-friendly package. While the price might seem a bit high for a cabinet this small, it’s important to keep in mind that this piece is officially licensed by Capcom, which makes it worth every penny.

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