Will Death Stranding on PC be an Epic Games Store exclusive?

Find out whether or not the PC version of Death Stranding will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, or if you can expect it to launch on other virtual stores, too.


Those planning to dive into Death Stranding now probably aren’t too worried about the PC release. However, if you are one of the many looking forward to playing Kojima’s latest when it does arrive on PC in 2020, recent events probably have you asking a pretty big question—Will Death Stranding on PC be an Epic Games Store exclusive? Here’s what we know.

Will Death Stranding on PC be an Epic Games Store exclusive?

No. Death Stranding’s PC version will not be an Epic Games Store exclusive, at least not based on any of the information we’ve seen revealed just yet. No real official release date for the PC version is marked down, but we do know that Kojima and crew plan to bring Sam Porter Bridges’ story to the PC in 2020.

As it stands right now, Death Stranding is available to preorder on both the Epic Games Store and everyone’s favorite online PC store, Steam. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving Sam’s story a try, you can preorder it on either of those two online platforms right now, starting at just $59.99.

Will Death Stranding be an EGS exclusive?
Death Stranding is available for preorder on Steam and EGS right now.

Not sure yet whether Death Stranding is the type of game for you? You can learn a bit more about it by heading over to our Death Stranding review. In fact, in our review, Brittany Vincent writes, “With that said, Death Stranding isn’t for everyone, but at the same time it’s about everyone. It’s about finding deeper connections that bring us all together and figuring out ways to honor them. I know it won’t resonate with everyone the way that it did me, but it doesn’t need to. It stands alone as one of the most unique titles I’ve ever played, and I feel truly richer for the experience of having played it.”

Now that you know that Death Stranding on PC won’t be an Epic Games Store exclusive, you can prepare for next year’s release by preordering it on your preferred online store. For more help, head back over to our Death Stranding guide.

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