The Outer Worlds & more come to Xbox Game Pass wave 2 in October.

A slew of new games will start to arrive for Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are the gifts that keep on giving this fall, as Microsoft has announced a new wave of games that will start to arrive on the monthly subscription service this October. Among these titles are Obisidian Entertainment's upcoming The Outer Worlds, the hit indie gem Subnautica, and more.

Starting on October 23, Xbox Game Pass for Console subscribers will start to notice new games such as Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Secret Neighbor, and Minit joining the roster of great games already available via the subscription service. On October 25, Obsidian Entertainment’s brand-new RPG, The Outer Worlds will also hit the Game Pass service for console, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Outer Worlds and more come to Xbox Game Pass

Furthermore, the following week will bring two additional titles to the library, including Afterparty on October 29 and LEGO Star Wars III on October 31. This doesn’t include Subnautica, which is set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass for Console on November 7. This means you’ve got a few weeks of great new games upcoming for the monthly Xbox subscription service, adding even more bang for your buck.

If you’ve never picked up Xbox Game Pass, you can do try the service out as a new customer for just $1 for your first month. For more info on that, head over to the Xbox website. Of course, probably the most exciting additions to Xbox Game Pass is The Outer Worlds.

Set to release this week, we recently posted our review of Obsidian’s new RPG, where Bill Lavoy wrote, “The Outer Worlds demands players put in the time and effort if they want the best it has to offer. It’s a fine game under any circumstances, but it’s a top-notch RPG with heavy consequences at almost every turn for those that are willing to immerse themselves. The Outer Worlds doesn’t tell you a story, it gives you a world full of interesting characters and asks you to tell your own.” For more info on the newest upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles head over to Xbox Wire.

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