Xur's location and wares for October 18, 2019 - Destiny 2

Find out what the mysterious merchant Xur has to offer in Destiny 2, as well as where you can find him in the Director.


It's that time again, Guardians! Friday is here, which means it’s time to hop in and go Xur hunting. In this guide, we’ll detail Xur’s location, as well as go over any of the wares that the mysterious merchant has available to purchase.

Xur's location and wares for October 18, 2019 - Destiny 2

If you’re looking to find Xur, then you’re going to want to head to Watcher's Grave on Nessus. This is where you’ll find Xur this week, and he’s got quite a few items for sale. Whether you’re looking to buff out your Exotic pool, or just looking to round out some of the items you’re missing from your Exotic Collections’ page, a trip to Xur is a weekly ritual for Destiny 2 players, and this week is no different.

Destiny 2 - Xur Location October 18, 2019
Head to the Barge on Nessus to find Xur this week.

This time around Xur is selling:

  • Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle - 29 Legendary Shards
  • Dunemarchers Exotic Titan Leg Armor - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Transversive Steps Exotic Warlock Leg Armor - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Shards of Galanor Exotic Hunter Gauntlets - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Fated Engram - 97 Legendary Shards

Keep in mind that Xur will only be around from 1 PM ET today until Destiny 2’s weekly reset on Tuesday, October 22. Make sure to visit the traveling merchant before he’s gone, as his wares will change out the next time he arrives in the galaxy.

As with every week, players should technically be picking up any items that Xur has available for purchase if they don’t already have them. Completing Collections is a great way to earn some extra lore in Destiny 2, and you’ll always want more weapons and items at your disposal, cause you never know when Bungie is going to change things up and make something viable.

Xur in Destiny 2 on October 18, 2019

Of course, if you’ve already gotten your hands on all the items that Xur has available, try picking up a Fated Engram, as this will ensure you get an Exotic weapon you don’t already have (if you happen to be missing any). If you already have all the available weapons and armor that the Fated Engram covers, you’ll just receive a duplicate, which you can then toss into something else.

Now that you know Xur’s location for October 18, 2019, head back over to our Destiny 2 guide for more in-depth strategy content to assist you in your journey to reach max Power Level and take on all the most difficult tasks awaiting Guardians in Destiny 2.

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