Manji: All-in-One Nintendo Switch case reaches funding in less than 48 hours

Less than 48 hours after launching its IndieGoGo campaign, Manji: The All-in-One Nintendo Switch case has skyrocketed past its goals.


It's been a whirlwind of third-party accessories since Nintendo launched the Switch, the company's hybrid portable and home console. One of the newest accessories to hit the market could very well be exactly what users have been looking for, and if the company's IndieGoGo campaign is any indicator, Manji has hit the nail on the head with it's upcoming All-in-One case for the Nintendo Switch.

Less than three days ago, Manji launched its IndieGoGo campaign, showing off a video detailing the case that the company hopes to bring to Nintendo Switch users all around the world. As a combination built for performance, protection, and portability, the Manji case has plenty to offer those looking to add some extra oomph to their Switch. Within 48 hours of launching its IndieGoGo campaign, Manji has already exceeded its goal of $5,000 and you can head over to the campaign itself if you'd like to back the case's creation.

Set to release at $39.99 when it's fully available, the Manji: All-in-One Nintendo Switch case includes a dedicated kickstand back that makes charging in tabletop mode extremely easy, and some backing options even come with a special charger that works perfectly with the case. You'll also find straps attached to the back of the Joy-Con controllers, which makes it easy to ensure your Switch isn't slipping out of your grip. Furthermore, the case easily transitions into a portable brick that has room for your charger, games, and any other small accessories you can fit inside. 

Manji Nintendo Switch case

The IndieGoGo campaign is set to last for 29 days, and there are plenty of backing options available for those looking to chip in and help make this accessory a possibility. Make sure you check out the video above if you have any questions about how it all works, as it does a solid job of showing off the perks and pieces.

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