Gears 5 adds four new multiplayer characters today

Check out for additional multiplayer characters when you jump into Gears 5 next.


Gears 5 players, you've got company - in terms of new multiplayer characters, that is.

Today, as Xbox Wire announced, you can now select the COG Gear DeeBee, the Warden, and General RAAM to play in Gears 5 multiplayer modes, each with their own unique abilities. The new heroes and villains are available as of 3 PM ET, and you can either earn them by playing the game or by purchasing them in the in-game store.

Terminator Dark Fate characters get a chance at the action too: the Terminator model Rev-9 and character Grace, voiced by actress Mackenzie Davis. They'll be available in addition to theT-800 Endoskeleton and Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor.

If you missed out on Gears 5 or just aren't sure you should drop the cash for it, be sure to check out Chris Jarrard's review. He awarded it a 9 out of 10. Here's what he thought about the game:

"Arguably the best-looking game released this year, Gears 5 will appeal to graphics nuts and, along with Forza Horizon 4, is the clear showcase title for the Xbox One X. The PC version is even better, with uncapped frame rates, arbitrary resolution support, and enhanced graphical features. It is incredibly well-optimized, ensuring it will look good and run smoothly on a variety of hardware. Microsoft pledged to put a focus on its PC players and if Gears 5 is an indication of what is to come, mouse and keyboard jockeys are in for a treat."

Gears 5 is available now on Xbox One and PC. Suit up and get ready for action, Delta Squad!

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