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Pixel 4 camera includes Live HDR+, Night Sight, and more

During today's Made by Google 2019 livestream, we got an up close look at the Google Pixel 4 and its camera features.


The Google Pixel 4's camera features are as impressive as ever, with both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL bringing seriously awesome camera specs to the table.

During today's Made by Google event, we got a bit more information about what to expect from them. Both phones have multiple cameras with 12.1-megapixel main and 16-megapixel selfie cameras, which lets the compete with the iPhone 11's feature set, though there isn't a wide-angle lens to tie it all together. The cameras can handle great video as well, with 4K up to 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps.

The phones will use optical zoom with the second camera as well as the same "Super Res Zoom" tech introduced with the Pixel 3, and you'll get some higher-quality photos thanks to the "software-defined camera." It uses the Pixel Neural Core's software learning techniques to track motion and faces, and helps to deliver the best focus and exposure possible in sunlight or nighttime shots.

It also features dual exposure, which should help you figure out the best way to approach having to take photos in direct sunlight. The Pixel 4 gives you a slider to adjust the brighter and darker parts of your photo even when it's too bright to make it a more balanced image overall. With that in mind, it's great at low light photography as well. This should pair well with its portrait style mode, which is similar to that of what the iPhone offers. Finally, Pixel 4 includes HDR+, which should help in defining both bright and darker shots, which you can gauge before you take a shot, with Google's Live HDR+ feature in mind. 

The Google Pixel 4's stats are pretty impressive.
The Google Pixel 4's stats are pretty impressive.

Want to get your hands on a Google Pixel 4? It's up for preorder starting today, and it's set to start shipping as of October 24. That's only about a week or so away so if you can't wait to get a new phone from Google, looks like you're about to have a very awesome October. 

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