Dead Space's engine was a branch off of Tiger Woods game

If you enjoyed Dead Space, thank a Tiger Woods golf title, according to Dead Space level designer Ben Johnson.


If you're a fan of Dead Space, you might want to take a moment and thank games like Tiger Woods' golf titles for helping to bring it to fruition – at least, partially.

In a viral tweet that user @topherflorence really thought they were dunking on the game and earning Twitter points for, the user called out EA for "acting like" Dead Space's Isaac Clarke was "this iconic universally beloved character." The images included featured Clarke in the various appearances he had made throughout several games.

After the tweet amassed several thousand likes, level designer Ben Johnson (@GameDesignerBen) stepped in to shed some light on why they just slipped Isaac into additional games for fun, not because they tried to make him "beloved."

"Hey, Dead Space LD here. All these games used the same basic model rig, so adding Isaac was as simple as importing the model. Dead Space’s engine was a branch off of Tiger Woods, which was made in the same studio as Dead Space back then." Cue tons of Dead Space fans jumping in to thank Johnson for working on the game and wishing there could be more in the future. 

Of course after getting "this much smoke" for their tweet, @topherflorence did the classic "backpedal-maybe-you're-right" move, agreeing that while Isaac is "a snooze," he should be "inserted into as many games as possible."

But Twitter drama and all the comments that come with it are lame – what we want to know is if Dead Space and Tiger Woods games actually take place in the same universe, and can we get a crossover? And how can we learn a bit more about how the game came together as a branch off of Tiger Woods? Time to hit the old Dead Space game creation interviews and whatnot for an illuminating time. 

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