Shack's Arcade Corner: Haunted Castle

Greg is back with another look at a classic arcade game.


This week on Shack's Arcade Corner, we take a look at Haunted Castle. This game was published and developed by Konami and hit arcades in 1988. Haunted Castle is not a sequel to the popular Castlevania franchise, but is instead a standalone story that features the same style of gameplay and same protagonist. The game featured six different levels, each with their own unique boss. Many of the boss battles from the Castlevania series are present in the game, like Medusa and Dracula, but there was one stained glass swordsman boss battle that was pretty darn cool. Players could use hearts to use subweapons. Energy was measured in a health bar, and did not regenerate with pickups in the game. The energy meter would refill at the end of levels, or if you input more quarters into the cabinet. The soundtrack was also pretty dang jazzy. Check out the video to find out more about Haunted House.

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