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Google claims Stadia's negative latency will act as a workaround for lag

Stadia could even predict user input in order to make a speedy response to combat latency.


Google Stadia will reportedly be taking its speed and responsiveness to the next level in just "a year or two," says VP of engineering Madj Bakar.

Google believes its streaming platform is will be even quicker than gaming systems coming down the pipeline, it revealed during an interview in a recent issue of Edge. The company believes this, "regardless" of how powerful local machines are with Stadia's streaming technology.

Bakar quoted "negative latency" as one of the reasons behind this and as a way to help cut down on lag between the players and game servers. Essentially, this means titles will run on "predicted" latency while Stadia will work to reduce lag in ways like increasing FPS here and there or predicting the type of inputs players will be using – almost like the game will be playing itself.

PCGamesN reports via further comments on negative latency that, while there's a datacenter's worth of computing power backing potential decisions, a predictive system like Stadia might use could simply be able to offer a quick response for the "potential" button press or click from a player. However, what the player does end up doing is another matter entirely, and as such will have to rely on real input.

Meanwhile, if that sounds like your cup of tea, Google Stadia has finally been dated for its big worldwide debut, and you can get your hands on it as early as November. Pre-orders are available now, and you can expect to see the streaming service rolling out soon after that, thanks to a post on the official Google Stadia website. We can't wait to see how it actually performs after seeing the lengthy list of games coming to the platform. 

Are you convinced it'll perform the way it's been advertised to, or have you not bought into the Stadia hype just yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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