Sparklite developers talk narrative in procedurally generated games

Shacknews catches up with the developers of Sparklite to talk about narrative in procedurally generated games and more.


Sparklite is a cute little action-adventure game that’s currently set to release this November. Developed by Red Blue Games, the title will feature a narrative focused story with procedurally generated worlds. We caught up with the co-owners of Red Blue Games to talk about Sparklite and how they focused on story in a genre that typically doesn’t allow such a narrow focus.

One big focus that players will immediately notice in Sparklite is the game’s heavy focus on procedurally generated rooms. Like a lot of roguelikes out there, the rooms that you visit will often hold different enemies, secrets, and even paths. This is to help offer a nice bit of replayability to normal roguelikes, however, Sparklite wasn’t designed with the intent for players to put in thousands upon thousands of hours. Instead, the game focuses on a narrative that will push players forward and through the world.

According to the Steam page:

The "Baron" has devised a plot to mine the world’s Sparklite core. He mines Sparklite and burns/consumes it to fuel his powerful war machines, but the pollution from the consumed Sparklite is corrupting the world. Animals have turned to violent monsters, and the environment is rotting away. But the world has a natural defense in its Sparklite core. Periodically, the core causes a Disruption which rearranges the world, setting back the Baron’s efforts. If the Baron can obtain the core, he will gain the power to create a new world where he has ultimate power.

Our hero, Ada, must travel to each zone of the world to shut down its Digsite, lowering the Baron’s defenses so that she can stop him before it’s too late...

You can check out the full interview in the embed above, or click on the Steam page link above to learn more about Sparklite. For even more videos like this, head over to GamerhubTV and Shacknews on YouTube.

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