Wendy's first tabletop RPG Feast of Legends is free to download

Wendy's is serving more than hamburgers with this new free-to-download tabletop game.


If you're a big Wendy's fan and also love tabletop games, you might want to check out the chain's new free, downloadable tabletop game.

Following KFC's lead after the chicken restaurant debuted a free dating sim, Wendy's has released a free tabletop RPG called Feast of Legends. You can download it and play it right now with your friends, and it's all based on a fantasy world where you can sit down and role play as part of a magical fast food-themed world.

The lengthy campaign has great-looking artwork, creative classes and lore, and a narrative that finds you facing off against the United Clown Nations, also known as McDonald's. The printable PDF is nearly 100 pages long, with a lengthy set of rules and plenty of information to get you started on a realistic, D&D-like campaign with other Wendy's friends. It's admittedly cringe-worthy saying anything related to a fast food brand is cool, especially for a mediocre fast food restaurant, but it's clear a lot of work went into bringing this adventure together.

There's a brief clip that goes over just a small part of what's actually waiting for you when you jump into the Feast of Legends PDF. If you're a fan of Western fantasy tropes, artwork, and lore, you'll find (surprisingly) plenty to love here. 

You could opt for the basic rules of Dungeons and Dragons as well, which can be found for free online, but honestly Wendy's has put so much thought into this game that you should at least thumb through the digital pages to see what the fast food titan has wrought. It really shouldn't be this extensive, but hey, here we are. 

So if you're interested in getting into Dungeons and Dragons, want to spend exactly zero money on a rulebook, and happen to like the idea of taking up arms against the (admittedly better and much tastier) McDonald's, this fun tabletop game is worth downloading and checking out.

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