Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 price, specs & pre-order guide

Find out how much the new Surface Laptop 3 will cost, what its specs are, and when you can pre-order it with our FAQ.


As we approach the 2019 holiday season, the folks over at Microsoft have been preparing revamped versions of its popular Surface Laptop to meet the needs of casual and power users. The new Surface Laptop 3 will be available in two formats, a 13-inch model and a 15-inch model. If you've been looking for more details on the Surface Laptop 3 specs or price, then you have come to the right place. To assist you, we've put together this full guide of everything we know about the Surface Laptop 3 specs, price, pre-order date, and more.

Surface Duo price and pre-order date

Unlike previous models, the Surface Laptop 3 will be offered in two main flavors, 13-inch and 15-inch. With both models offering various configuration options for things like processor, memory capacity, storage capacity, and finish, the exact pricing can fluctuate. Pricing for the 13-inch Surface Laptop 3 will start at $999. The new 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 will start at $1199 due to its larger display and integrations with the latest AMD graphics technology.

If you are already sold on the idea of grabbing one of these new laptops, Microsoft is already taking pre-orders on the official Surface Laptop 3 website. You can begin customizing both the 13-inch and 15-inch models now, with each having a release date of October 22, 2019. You can also expect to see pre-configured models on shelves at participating retailers on this date.

Surface Laptop 3 specs

While the two Surface Laptop 3 have some variances in their available specification offerings, they do share many traits. Both models come with a high-resolution touchscreen, DDR4 memory, 11.5 hours of battery life, and multiple connection ports such as USB Type-C and Surface Connect. Both offer a 720p front-facing webcam with dual mics, 802.11ac wireless, and come with Windows 10 Home edition pre-installed.

Surface Laptop 3 price pre-order specs
The 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 starts at $1199.

On the 13-inch Surface Laptop 3, you’ll get a 2256x1504 resolution touchscreen with a 10th-generation Intel Quad-Core CPU and Intel Iris graphics. This smaller model weighs a bit under 3lbs and is available in Sandstone, Matte Black, Platinum with Alcantara®, and Cobalt Blue with Alcantara® finishes. The 15-inch Surface Laptop comes with a 2496x1664 resolution touchscreen and AMD Ryzen CPU technology. Two mobile Ryzen processor options are available: The Ryzen 5 3580U with Vega 9 graphics and the Ryzen 7 3780U with Vega 11 graphics. The 15-inch model is only available in Matte Black and Platinum finishes and weighs in a 3.4lbs.

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