DEEEER Simulator hands-on preview at TGS 2019: Totally ordinary

Is DEEEER SIMULATOR the greatest game of all-time? Probably. Is it perfect? No. Our preview from Tokyo Game Show 2019.


Once in a great while, a fantastic game is created in some dark and scary corner of the video game industry. Enter DEEEER SIMULATOR, a game developed by one person in the Unity Engine. Players will control a deer in an open world that combines gameplay elements from the Grand Theft Auto, Blast Corps, and Spider-Man series. I got my hands on a build of the game at TGS 2019. While DEEEER SIMULATOR has its flaws, it gets the most important part of video game development right. It is flat out fun.

Just an ordinary deer

You can mount just about anything in DEEEER Simulator.
You can mount just about anything in DEEEER Simulator.

DEEEER Simulator paints itself as an ordinary game about a regular deer, but the game's constant embrace of absurdity is what makes it stand out in a sea of entertainment options. Players can carjack just about anything and drive through buildings or jump off of sweet half-pipes. The sense of freedom players may remember from GTA 3 or Blast Corps is definitely present in the game as it encourages you to behave like an anarchist.

The DEEEER Simulator Cinematic Universe

The game does an amazing job of creating a world and story without much effort. I never questioned any design decision or character in the game because it all is founded in absurdity. The world of DEEEER Simulator is also pieced together somewhat logically. Level 1 Police are Sheep and Level 2 Police are Pands with Police Cars strapped to their backs. The cops show up as players destroy property, and it functions a lot like GTA's Wanted gameplay mechanic.

The Level 2 Police in DEEER Simulator is a panda with a police car strapped to its back.
The Level 2 Police in DEEER Simulator is a panda with a police car strapped to its back.

The trailer for the game shows even more insanity for players to look forward to, including flying around on dragon mounts, and some sort of gundam/Voltron suit. DEEEER Simulator focuses on allowing players to have fun, which is something that some AAA open world games can forget about. 

Replayability and flexibility

DEEEER Simulator features an odd minigame with a giant cow.
DEEEER Simulator features an odd minigame with a giant cow.

DEEER Simulator doesn't hold your hand, and while I only had a short time with the TGS 2019 demo, I was able to witness the immense replay value that the game will have to offer when it launches. As the gaming world is currently losing it over Untitled Goose Game, this game from a single developer in Japan quietly waits to take over the universe. 

It's not perfect, as the collision detection can lead to really hilarious moments combined with squirrelly ragdoll physics. DEEEER Simulator will definitely create shareable and unforgettable gaming moments, and I can't wait to get my hands on the full version of the game when it launches this year on Steam. Head over to the official DEEER Simulator Steam Store page to add the game to your wishlist. 


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