Destiny 2 Tapir error code meaning

Find out what the Tapir error code means in Destiny 2 and how to fix it.


As with most online games, Destiny 2 players will sometimes find themselves face to face with error codes they don’t recognize or understand. Tapir is one such error code that you might come across at some point and knowing what it means and how to fix it will be important to Guardians trying to get back into the action. In this guide we’ll tell you what the Tapir error code meaning is, and even go over how to resolve this issue quickly.

Destiny 2 Tapir error code meaning

If you’re receiving the Tapir error code, then most likely the Destiny servers are down for maintenance. This happens sometimes as Bungie pushes out new patches, or even just works to deliver hotfixes for big issues that have been plaguing players since new content launches.

If you’re unsure whether Destiny 2 servers are down or not, head over to Twitter and check in with @Bungiehelp, where you’ll find frequent updates about any issues that Destiny 2 might be experiencing across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. With the recent push to Steam, it’s also possible that players may see some possible downtime during the weekly Steam maintenance period, which could lead you to run into this error code on a somewhat regular basis.

Destiny 2 Tapir error code meaning

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this particular error is to be patient and wait for the maintenance period to end. Keep an eye on BungieHelp, and just keep trying to get into the game. If it takes too long, try taking a walk, or diving into another game for a couple of hours.

On top of the Tapir error code, Destiny 2 players might find themselves facing down other giants in the technical difficulty department, including the Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity error, and the weasel error code. The good news is, all these issues can be resolved, and we’ve created some handy articles to help you sort through them.

Now that you know how what the Destiny 2 Tapir error code means, you can head back over to our Destiny 2 walkthrough for more helpful info and guides.

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