Unboxing & Review: Transformers Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13

In this unboxing and review video, we take a look at a Transformers Masterpiece item, Soundwave MP-13.


Transformers has come a long way since its inception in the early 80s. Since then, kids – and adults – have found immense joy in not only the television series and explosive movies, but the incredibly detailed, transforming action figures. In the following video, we unbox a Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13, and also teach you how to identify a knockoff.

Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13

If you’re at all interested in collecting Transformers, then the Masterpiece line is surely going to be right up your alley. As you can see from the video, we’ve opted for the Soundwave Masterpiece. Soundwave is the right-hand man to Megatron, his loyal lieutenant.

For a lot of Transformer fans, Soundwave’s appeal came from his transformation mode. When not in his robot form, Soundwave takes on the appearance of a cassette tape. This now-obsolete form of media storage is immediately recognizable as an 80s and early 90s piece of technology. For those that grew up in those decades, it’s incredibly nostalgic.

The Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13 we unbox in this video is able to do the same transformation. Well, not exactly the same. Soundwave actually transforms into a boombox. What’s more, Soundwave comes with his companion, Laserbeak, who is also able to undergo a similar transformation. Laserbeak can turn into a cassette tape, which can then be stored in Soundwave’s chest cavity.

Transformers Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13
The Transformers Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13 comes with a few accessories, including a pistol, shoulder-mounted weaponry, protective casings, and an Energon cube.

The functionality of Soundwave’s chest cavity is exactly like boombox from yesteryear. Insert Laserbeak and you can press an eject button, causing Laserbeak to flip out like an old-school cassette tape. It’s this special attention-to-detail that sells the whole experience.

However, when purchasing something like a Transformers Maserpiece item, it’s important to know whether you’re buying a fake or original. Thankfully, we’re able to give you some tips on what to look out for.

Firstly, an original tends to be rather expensive, upwards of $100 or even $200 USD while a knockoff is around $40, rarely breaching triple figures. Secondly, look out for the “KO” tag in eBay posts – this lettering stands for “knockoff”, a dead giveaway that it’s a fake. Finally, purchasing from a reputable source is always a good option. If you’re chasing a legit item, always buy from a place you trust.

Even though we landed with a knockoff Soundwave Masterpiece MP-13, the similarities to an original are impressive. Unless you’re an avid collector, a fake could scratch the itch without burning a hole in your wallet. For more unboxing videos, check out the Shacknews YouTube channel, and keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest in collectibles, boardgames, and more.

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