Destiny 2 is no longer available message hits Guardians

Players getting messages that Destiny 2 is no longer available shouldn't worry too much.


Guardians everywhere are losing their minds with a message telling them that Destiny 2 is no longer available. Given the upcoming transition from to Steam, fans are on edge for any potential bugs or problems. This message will do nothing to calm their nerves, but it’s not worth worrying about.

Destiny 2 is no longer available

Players who are receiving the message that Destiny 2 is no longer available shouldn’t worry. Bungie is aware of the problem and it’s not an isolated incident to a single player. If you’re reading this, it’s not you, it’s Bungie. In fact, the Bungie Help Twitter account has been quite active in the last couple hours. They first announced maintenance that wasn’t expected to cause downtime but have since started talking to players about error messages like Orange, Tapir, Cherry, and Stinkbug. It’s safe to say something went a bit sideways during maintenance.

What should you as a player do? Well, the most you’d get out of me knowing that this is a Bungie issue is a restart every few hours until the game begins working again. Other than that, patience is required. For players who can’t wait and need updates now, the following resources are your best bet for information, but we can’t stress enough that the DestinyTheGame subreddit is not official and troubleshooting steps given there should be taken with a grain of salt.

Don’t worry, Guardians, but this problem isn’t something you can fix with a Golden Gun. This is some Rasputin level nonsense that will take Bungie’s brain power to overcome, which they will soon, if they haven’t already. Just use the resources listed above, and visit our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide, and all will be well soon enough.

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