Yacht Club Games talks Shovel Knight, Cyber Shadow, & more

Shacknews catches up with Yacht Club Games at Pax West to talk about Shovel Knight, Cyber Shadow, and whether we can ever expect a Netflix series or not.


Yacht Club Games has a lot in the works right now, there’s no doubt about that. We recently had a chance to sit down with Alec Faulkner, a Level Designer at Yacht Club Games, and Sean Velasco, the Game Director of Shovel Knight to talk about the iconic series and what the studio is doing to push it forward even now.

For those that haven’t kept up with all the latest news out of Yacht Club Games, the team is currently working on some of the last pieces of the original Kickstarter that helped fuel the Shovel Knight series creation. Kickstarted back in 2013, the community rallied around the Shovel Knight idea so much that Yacht Club Games has been continuing to make good on stretch goals and promises they made almost seven years later, like Shovel Knight Showdown.

It’s insane to think about the impact that the game has had on the lives of its developers, and it’s even more insane to think about what the future might hold for a series like Shovel Knight. While talking to Alec and Sean, we discussed some of the finer things in life—like the Shovel Knight series ever making the jump to a Netflix Original Series. I mean, come on, the Castlevania series hasn’t been too bad so far, so it’s definitely something we’d be open to, and it seems like we aren’t the only ones as both Alex and Sean seemed elated at the possibility.

You can, as always, check out the full interview with Sean and Alec above. It’s definitely an interesting one that covers a lot of broad topics, so if you’re a fan of Shovel Knight, give it a listen. You’ll also want to make sure you subscribe to both Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube, where we post great content like this all the time.

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