Passthrough+ comes to Oculus Quest next week

Oculus announced Passthrough+ for Oculus Quest, an updated version of the built-in camera software in the HMD. It's set to release next week.


Passthrough+ was originally debuted on the Oculus Rift S, but during today's Oculus Connect 6 keynote the virtual reality company revealed that Passthrough+ is coming to the Rift's younger sibling, the Oculus Quest, next week.

With Passthrough+, users will be able to more easily change to the built-in camera in their Oculus Quest, which will make seeing things outside of the VR headset much easier when you need to see things without taking the headset off. This gives users a stereo-correct, real-time view of their surroundings while still in virtual reality.

With Passthrough+, Quest users will find the entire experience much more comfortable, especially when stepping out of their play space. With Passthrough “on demand” set to arrive later this year, Passthrough+ will allow Quest users to view their surroundings on-the-fly at any time without having to take the headset off.

In the gif that we’ve included above, Oculus shows off just how Passthrough+ works to make the image that you see much sharper, making it much simpler to tell what’s going on around you while you’re still in virtual reality.

Oculus Quest is set to receive quite a few nifty features throughout the year, and into early next year. Some of the biggest enhancements include Oculus Link, which will allow users to connect their Quest to their PC like a normal Rift headset. Quest is also getting a ton of the best Oculus Go applications, and the VR company will even offer free upgrades for those who already own those apps on Go.

Oculus Connect 6 is still in full swing and we’ll be keeping an eye on all the latest news and announcements coming from the show floor. Make sure you keep an eye our on Oculus Connect 6 hub for more info and be sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter.

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