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GameDec gameplay shows off a virtual world of crime and charisma

Shacknews had a chance to sit down with Lukasz Hacura and get a firsthand look at some gameplay from GameDec, Anshar Studios' upcoming adaptive, isometric, cyberpunk RPG.


With Cyberpunk 2077 set to release next year, the next six months are shaping up to be somewhat of an exciting time for fans of the cyberpunk genre. Despite the hype surrounding the studio, CD Projekt Red isn’t the only developer working on bringing the future to life. We recently had a chance to sit down with Lucasz Hacura, the Executive Producer at Anshar Studios to talk about GameDec, the studio’s upcoming adaptive, isometric, cyberpunk RPG.

During our 20 odd minutes with Hacura, he showed off several bits of gameplay from GameDec as the player character works to infiltrate a local gaming bar, which will allow them to enter a virtual game world where they can search for clues about their current mission. It’s an interesting premise—moving between virtual reality and reality—and it’s one that GameDec appears to handle quite well.

During the demo that we were shown, the player character has the ability to talk their way through different instances. This is, of course, an isometric RPG, and the weight of player choice is extremely evident even in the short instance that we got to see during our talk with Hacura. You can see the full gameplay session above if you’re interested in seeing a bit more about GameDec. The Steam page has this to say:

You will hunt down the criminals of virtual worlds. Rich, spoiled businesspeople, mothers who want a better life for their children, or corporations with plans to rewrite humanity. Are they acting alone, or are they mere puppets? What does a "happy ending" mean to you or to them? Each decision you make shapes the game world and your character’s personality.

Some decisions will feel right, and others will be unexpected. The game continually adapts to your choices and never judges – only you can judge yourself.

Whether you’re a fan of cyberpunk worlds or not, GameDec also appears to have everything that you could want out of an isometric RPG. We’ll be keeping an eye on this upcoming futuristic RPG, so make sure you subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube for more gameplay, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content like this.

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