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Steam releases Labs 005 Deep Dive and 006 Search functions

These new functions make it even easier to navigate through Steam's massive catalogue of games.


Valve is chugging along with its Steam Labs experiments, having released two just today.

Experiment 005: Deep Dive and Experiment 006: Community Recommendations are available by way of Steam Labs, both with unique ways to help you navigate the Steam store. Deep Dive is all about using tags and other features to help you find games closely related to one another to make it simpler to figure out a new game to play. Meanwhile, Community Recommendations is meant to help you figure out games to play next based on what other players have reviewed them.

Steam is continually working on new ways to explore these features with ways that it plans to roll out to users regularly. Deep Dive lets players start with a game they like, and then Steam will build out a selection of game recommendations to check out as a result. Continuing to click through the various titles in the webs will eventually lead to games you haven't seen before, so you'll get to play things you may not have seen otherwise.

Community Recommendations is all about helping players wade through games that are already popular on the store.

“The Community Recommendations experiment provides a great overview of what’s hot on Steam, listing today’s recommendations sorted by their helpfulness to readers,” the Steam blog explains. “Advanced controls enable users to expand the view to include this week’s, or this month’s reviews, or to limit the set to reviews written after a particular duration of playtime.”

If you're interested in trying out either new addition to Steam, you can do so today. Let us know in the comments if it's something you end up finding useful. 

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