iOS 13 is out now, iOS 13.1 and iPadOS launching next week

The big update to iOS 13 is now available and Apple plans to release iOS 13.1 and iPadOS next week.


Today marks a big day for iPhone users as iOS 13 is now openly available for users to download and install. The next iteration of iOS brings a ton of great features that fans have been looking forward to, including dark mode and refinements for applications like Maps, Photos, and Reminders. On top of the new update, though, Apple also has pushed up the release of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS to next week, on September 26.

While iOS 13 definitely adds some much-wanted features, iOS 13.1 looks to add even more of the features that didn’t quite make the cut for the first version of iOS 13. New features coming in iOS 13.1 include new Siri Shortcut actions, a share ETA feature on Apple Maps, as well as data separation systems for users with enterprise devices. 13.1 will also include additional bug fixes for iOS 13, some of which we’ve seen cropping up since the new operating system hit this morning.

Even more exciting, though, is the fact that Apple is set to release iPadOS next week along with iOS 13.1. This is huge because it will finally bring the iPad family its own operating system, which should help to knock out some of the quirks that have always plagued Apple’s tablet series while it has shared an operating system with the iPhone. This will also allow Apple to develop the iPad’s operating system separately, as it has with tvOS and watchOS. The most exciting thing about this news, though, is that the updates are actually set to release four days early, as Apple originally intended to release iOS 13.1 and iPadOS on September 30.

There are still some big features that Apple wants to bring to iOS 13 that won’t launch with 13.1 next week, including the new HomeKit features, as well as AirPod sharing. We’re sure that we’ll see those updates coming somewhere down the road, though, as Apple has promised to bring those features to the operating system later this fall. For now, keep your eyes glued to our Apple news hub, where we’ll share any additional information that pops up.

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