Capybara Games announces puzzler Grindstone for Apple Arcade

Slay your way through Grindstone Mountain in this colorful, totally bizarre new puzzle game.


Apple Arcade is on its way out this week, and it'll be bringing several examples of colorful, exciting games with it.

Among them is Capybara Games' Grindstone, a colorful puzzler that's coming out first on iOS devices by way of Apple Arcade tomorrow, September 19. As Capybara explains it, Grindstone Mountain is covered in Creeps, and you've got to cut through them all the way up to the mountain's peak, where "fortune, glory, and death" await you. That all sounds great, except for the whole death part.

Brought to you by the folks who created Critter Crunch and Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, Grindstone looks like it's going to be rife with the same madcap weirdness you know and love from the developer. According to the official game description, it'll take "sharp puzzle skills and an even sharper blade" to get through the Creeps dwelling within the over 150 levels of "puzzle-battling madness" that awaits you.

Just watching the trailer gives us a very cartoony yet creepy vibe, but there's a fun zaniness to it as well. It looks like your character will start cleaving critters into cube-like masses as you work to solve each new area. There appears to be some customization too, as you work your way through a series of top-down puzzles. They look like they'll get pretty complicated the further you go in-game.

If you're planning on trying out Apple Arcade, you'll want to get your hands on Grindstone tomorrow, when both become availble. Let us know how it plays and if you're interested in trying it out. 

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