Twitch is making its way to Apple TV at long last

Finally, you'll be able to watch your favorite streamers on Twitch from the comfort of your Apple TV.


If you're an Apple TV user who likes to watch live-streaming sessions of your favorite games, you've likely lamented the lack of a Twitch app for the unit once or twice.

Now you don't have to worry about that being an issue much longer. The Apple TV app is about to debut, with a Twitch public beta coming out now. It will include the same features that the iOS and desktop apps do, like allowing you to watch live and VOD streams. You can even still participate in chat if a stream is going on.

You can take part in a public beta for the app right now by installing the TestFlight app on an iPhone or iPad, from which you can install the app on your Apple TV after that. When you've installed everything, you can jump right into the test app.

The streaming app will basically function the same way as the desktop version, though it might be a bit more compartmentalized. It's just useful that it's finally touching down on a platform that's sorely needed it for some time, so it's time to rejoice if you're one of the Twitch faithful with an Apple TV looking for a bone from Apple.

Twitch is only going to continue to grow exponentially, even though one of its biggest stars, Ninja, recently made his way to Mixer to stream exclusively instead. But at least if you're trying to catch one of Shacknews' own streams, you can kick back on your couch and let Apple TV do all the work.

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