WWE Superstar Asuka starts dedicated gaming YouTube channel

One of her first videos is a Super Mario Maker 2 spotlight.


WWE Superstar and longtime gamer Asuka has opened her own YouTube gaming channel.

The gaming enthusiast is more than just a WWE star. Asuka has been a freelance gaming writer as well as graphic designer. She also tweets regularly about gaming, as well as her collection of titles ranging from a Nintendo 64 DD to a slew of Famicom titles, and more. She's obviously super into her hobby, and now she wants to share it with the world.

One of Asuka's first videos finds her playing through Super Mario Maker 2 levels with low clear rates, and acing a ton of them. As you'll no doubt find out when you start watching, she's really good at the game. Maybe she should give our own Shacknews level a try?

"KanaChan TV" is rife with graphics Asuka made herself, from a cute graphical banner on her profile to the icon that represents her channel. Asuka hasn't stated what kind of content she plans on uploading otherwise, but it certainly looks like she has big plans for her new hobby.

Asuka herself appears in several of the official WWE video games, so it would be pretty meta to watch her playing those, so maybe she'll dedicate a few videos to them. Her colorful hair and personality make her a great candidate for YouTube, and we can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve next. 

What games would you like to see Asuka tackle next on KanaChan TV? Let us know in the comments below. 

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