Recompile interview: A challenging, neon-soaked Metroidvania

Phigames' unique, atmospheric hacking adventure is unlike any game you've seen before, so make sure you don't miss out on it.


Recompile is a unique take on "the birth of sapient AI," and you can see it all go down when you jump into the game after it finally debuts in 2020.

For now, Shacknews sat down with developer Phi Dinh of Phigames to chat about the upcoming game and its rather unique approach to adventure gaming. It seeks to combine familiar Metroidvania mechanics with a branching narrative system. Throughout it all, you'll need to learn to fight, hack, and explore if you want to be scrappy enough to survive.

Recompile follows a character called The Program as it has to work to decide whether to help or hinder those who call the area of the Mainframe home, as there are some that live there that can be trusted and others that can't. It's up to you to decide how you want to interact with them. If you decide you want to slay them, you've got plenty of weapons at your disposal to do it with.

Beyond that, the game explores choices and consequences. Every environmental feature is hackable, connected via logic gate circuitry. You're going to be able to exploit just about everything, even the inhabitants. Phi Dinh speaks at length a bit on all of this in the interview above, so don't miss it!

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