Pixelated rogue-lite Noita gets September Early Access release date

Every pixel is simulated in this intriguing take on the rogue-lite, which is coming to PC this fall.


Noita is a great-looking pixel-based rogue like dungeon crawler with one leg up on the competition: every single pixel is simulated.

Noita is a huge undertaking for this reason because each single pixel has its own kind of physics programmed in, as well as a way to react with others in its environment. This means you'll have fun trying to forecast how they'll interact with one another, whether it's during destructive explosions or how fire reacts with plants or even how blood can pool up  in one area. Now, the game has been dated for early access launch, and there's a new trailer out to give it a look and see if it's something you want to mark on your calendar. We imagine it probably is. 

You also get a wand system that you can summon different things with, like clouds or ice and other types of random projectiles with unique elemental properties, including acid, flames, and magic missiles.

It's a unique take on the typical rogue-lite, that's for sure, and there are tons of different ways to die a well as interact with the world around you. We're definitely interested in getting our hands on it when it lands on PC via the Humble Store, Steam, and itch.io in Early Access on September 24, 2019.

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