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How to unlock fast travel in Control

Learn how to unlock fast travel and get around the Oldest House in Control.


Navigating the confusing and always-evolving world of the Oldest House in Control is no small feat. While you’ll spend a good deal of time running through constantly changing hallways, you’ll also be able to make use of special fast travel points spread throughout the world. These points allow you to quickly move from place to place, which can make visiting areas you’ve already completed, or finding NPCs you need to talk to much easier.

How to unlock fast travel in Control

To unlock fast travel options in Control, you’re going to need to first capture a Control Point. Spread throughout the Oldest House, Control Points are special places of interest that players can capture and unlock. When you capture these points they will allow you to fast travel between them, check out new abilities, Astral Constructs, and look at Board Countermeasures.

How to unlock fast travel in Control
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To access the fast travel options, head to the nearest Control Point and then press down and hold the button prompt that appears on the screen. This will pull up a menu for several options. To fast travel, located the option on the menu (it should be at the top) and then select it. Now you can choose what point you want to fast travel to via a map of all the Control Points that you have freed from The Hiss, the game’s primary antagonistic force.

Now that you know how to unlock fast travel in Control, you can start collecting new Control Points. Keep in mind that you can fast travel to each point, but you’ll still need to explore the area to find whatever path you are looking for. Control is very good about rewarding players who go off the beaten path, so don’t be afraid to explore and see what you can find along the way. For more help, you can head back over to our Control hub.

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