How to get Nanite Clusters in No Man's Sky

Learn how to get your hands on more Nanite Clusters so you can purchase new Technology Modules in No Man's Sky.


Nanite Clusters are the third and final currency type available to players in No Man’s Sky, and perhaps one of the most important because of the part that it plays in acquiring new technology. Unlike Units, which can be earned through just about everything, getting your hands on more Nanite Clusters will require a bit of work. Thankfully, though, it isn’t nearly as difficult as some might think, and this guide will show you all the ways that you can get Nanite Clusters in No Man’s Sky.

How to get Nanite Clusters in No Man’s Sky

Nanite Clusters are a premium currency added to No Man’s Sky several updates okay. Aside from Units and Quicksilver, Nanite Clusters is the only other type of currency available in the game. As such, it is a bit tedious to acquire and we’ll outline all of the different ways that players can acquire Nanite Clusters in the text below.

How to get Nanite Clusters in No Man's Sky
Nanite Clusters can be spent at the various Technology vendors in No Man's Sky.
  • First, you can find Nanite Clusters simply by exploring abandoned buildings on various planets. Nanite Clusters can often be found in small quantities inside the buildings, so be sure to look around.
  • You can also acquire Nanite Clusters from uploading Discoveries of various planets, plants, alien creatures, and other things.
  • Feeding certain creatures can also lead you to buried objects, which when opened will yield you a small amount of Nanite Clusters.
  • You can also destroy Sentinels, the law keepers of the game, as well as search Damaged Machinery that you come across for a chance at acquiring Nanite Clusters.
  • Freighter cargo containers can also reward you with Nanite Clusters when you destroy them. Unfortunately, these container types are a bit harder to locate, so just keep an eye out.
  • Another great way to find Nanite Clusters is to visit The Anomaly and talk with the various vendors in the area. Many of them will purchase items in return for Nanite Clusters, allowing you to stock up quite quickly if you haven’t visited in a while.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to farm for Nanite Clusters explicitly. However, if you use the methods that we’ve listed above, you shouldn’t have too much trouble building up a nice bank of Nanite Clusters for your various purchasing needs.

Now that you know how to get Nanite Clusters, make sure you head back over to our No Man’s Sky walkthrough and guide, where you’ll find plenty of additional content to help you along your journey.

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