How to tame creatures in No Man's Sky

Learn how to tame and ride alien creatures in No Man's Sky Beyond.


No Man’s Sky Beyond is here, bringing with it a slew of big changes and additions that should help make the game more enjoyable and expansive. One of the biggest new features to appear is the ability to tame and ride the alien creatures that you encounter throughout your journey. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of taming, as well as talk a bit about how baits work, and even discuss why taming animals is important in No Man’s Sky.

How to tame creatures in No Man’s Sky

Taming creatures in No Man’s Sky really all begins by finding an alien creature. While some planets are absolutely rife with alien life, others are a bit sparser and will require you to do a little adventuring. Either way, set out and find yourself an alien creature that looks worthy of taming.

How to tame creatures in No Man's Sky
There are tons of creatures to be found throughout the universe in No Man's Sky.

Taming a creature involves multiple aspects. For one, you’re going to need to know all about the different kinds of bait available to you in No Man’s Sky. Knowing how to craft the various types of bait will make taming creatures a much easier task to accomplish. When you’ve found the creature that you’re looking to tame, you’re going to need to throw down a Creature Pellet. These are an essential resource needed to tame or feed animals with Automated Feeders, and an item that you’ll be able to craft right from the start.

You’ll need 20 Carbon to craft a single Creature Pellet, however, you can craft 5 Creature Pellets with just 1 Carbon if you use the Nutrient Processor.

Now you need to toss down the Creature Pellet. This will distract the alien animal, allowing you time to scan it and figure out exactly what type of bait it requires to tame. When scanning an animal, look at the info packet on the left. Here you’ll see information like the Bait type, Age, Gender, usual Behavior, and more.

How to tame animals in No Man's Sky Beyond - finding bait type
You can find the bait type that you need by scanning the creature you wish to tame.

When you’ve discovered the kind of bait that you need to tame a creature, you’ll need to make it. As you can see in the image that we have included in this article, the creature that we’re scanning requires Synthetic Worms to tame. Each creature in No Man’s Sky Beyond will require various types of bait, so knowing how to make each of those bait types will be important. We’ll have more information on the different types of bait soon, so check out our No Man’s Sky guide and walkthrough for more in-depth information on that front.

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