How to pick up floating cargo in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Learn how to get the Tractor Beam and pick up floating cargo and goods while exploring space in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has quite a bit for players to od and chief among the ways that you'll progress is through making money and upgrading your ship and equipment. If you've been diving into the newly released indie space game, then chances are you've already come across a slew of loose goods and floating cargo during your travels. If you've found yourself unable to pick up any of the floating loot or cargo that you've come across, then we can help. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to pick up floating cargo and goods in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

How to pick up floating cargo in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

If you want to pick up the slew of items that you find floating around in space in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, then you're going to need to pick yourself up a Tractor Beam. These can be found in spaceports while customizing your ships' hardware, and a Tractor Beam will set you back a nice 7,500 credits or so. This can be a hefty amount of cash if you're just starting out, though, so make sure you check out our guide on how to make money in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw if you're having any trouble grabbing capital at the start of the game.

how to pick up floating cargo in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - locking onto targets
You can lock onto all kinds of targets in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

While you can't pick up a Tractor Beam right out of the gate, it's by far one of the most important items that you'll need to add to your equipment arsenal in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. You'll also want to look into upgrading other parts of your ship along the way, though the Tractor Beam is so important because of how big of a part it plays in helping you make even more money from gathering junk out in space.

Once you have the Tractor Beam installed, all you need to do is lock onto a target and fly through it. The Tractor Beam should automatically pull the cargo to you, allowing you to stock up on any floating goods or packages you might see out during your travels.

Now that you know how to get the Tractor Beam, as well as how to pick up floating cargo in space, you can head back over to our Rebel Galaxy Outlaw guides for even more help and information.

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