Next Need for Speed game leaks appear ahead of official reveal

New images have appeared that supposedly include the title of the next Need for Speed game which is set to be revealed on Wednesday, August 13.


Need for Speed fans have been holding out for the official reveal of the next NFS game, which is set to happen tomorrow, August 13. However, new leaks that appeared on Reddit today could have already spoiled the title and more.

According to the leaks shared via Redditor AHumanBeingNamedTom, a series of images appear to show a character running away from something, as well as a woman in a car with the window rolled down, looking out with a scowl on her face. We've also seen some other information popping up about the game's basic mechanic, stating that it will be open world, only take place at night, and include cops in the open world once more. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any real sources for this information, so it's unclear if any of that will actually make it into the game.

Need for Speed Heat leaked image

There’s been a ton of speculation about what the next Need for Speed game will be, and we’re just excited as everyone else. Still, as with any rumors or leaks, it’s important to take all the information presented here with a grain of salt until we have official announcements to work off of. That doesn’t mean you can’t be excited, though, and it certainly won’t stop us from looking forward to tomorrow’s debut.

You can see the images for yourself here in the article, and the game will officially be revealed tomorrow at 9 AM EDT. We'll be watching the event, of course, so be on the lookout for new updates about the next Need for Speed as soon as we know them.

Need for Speed Heat leaked gameplay

Are you excited about the next Need for Speed game? Rumors are flying in the final hours before the reveal and it's definitely exciting to see what Ghosts does with the series from here on out. The past few Need for Speed games have been less than stellar, hopefully, they can pull something out the hat and pull fans back in before the series ends up in the growing pile of abandoned EA franchises and studios.

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