Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha swatted live on Twitch stream

The dark side of Internet fame struck the Fornite World Cup champion as Bugha was swatted during a live stream last night.


The Internet is a wonderful place full of all of the world's information, but that comes with a whole gang of terrible things, including swatting. Last night, Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha was swatted during a live Twitch stream. He is heard in the clip from the broadcast talking to his father before going away from his keyboard. "Dad, I actually can't... I got swatted?" says Bugha before heading to deal with the police.

In case you have not heard of swatting, it is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving the police to send a swat team to someone'e home or office. Swatting frequently involves bomb threats, hostage situations, or other dangerous false allegations. It is very illegal, and something content creators have to be wary of in 2019.

Bugha and his family were unharmed, but they were greeted by a swat team at their home. Bugha's newfound fame from winning the Fortnite World Cup's $3 million prize has lead to all the crazy people on the internet now knowing his name. Bugha was luckier than the Kansas victim of the Call of Duty swatter who was shot by the police. That landed the swatter a 20 year prison sentence, and we can only hope that the person who called the swat team on Bugha is caught.

Gotta love that Bugha's squad kept playing with him away from his keyboard and went onto win a Victory Royale. Bugha said he was lucky one of the officers recognized him after coming back from talking to the police. "That's scary? What if I just got popped? Jesus Christ, the Internet is fucking crazy." Bugha was stoked to hear that his squad went on to win after the cops "came in with guns." 

We are glad you are okay, champ. Hopefully the police will be able catch the person who swatted Bugha. Thanks to mnok, for bring this to our attention with his Chatty thread.


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