Samsung demos Microsoft PC features at Unpacked 2019

Samsung and Microsoft have partnered up to bring new features to the PC and Note 10 lineup.


Samsung dropped quite a bit of information about their plans for the future during this August’s Galaxy Unpacked. Perhaps one of the most intriguing announcements—for those who work on the go at least—was the reveal that Microsoft and Samsung have upped their partnership to bring even more syncing features to the Samsung Galaxy lineup.

Revealed during today’s Galaxy Unpacked, The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series will work seamlessly with Microsoft Windows to make syncing your work between your phone and your computer even easier than ever. During the presentation, Samsung showed off how easy it will be to connect your phone to your PC and then transfer files between the two.

Samsung demos Microsoft PC features at Unpacked 2019

It was interesting to watch as the system appears to make it much easier to handle your emails, notes, photos, and more thanks to the interconnectivity that the Note 10 and 10+ bring. Based on what they showed off, it looks like connecting your phone to your PC launches a program called Samsung Dex, which basically acts as an additional desktop environment on your desktop. This allows you to easily work without your phone from the comfort of your PC, so you can answer texts, emails, save photos, and so on.

It was an interesting day as we watched the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 live stream. Samsung had a lot to show off, and you can read all about the other reveals and features that were covered in our news hub. You can also make your way over to the official Samsung website, where you’ll find plenty of details about the upcoming devices, including preorder information, prices, and more.

Seeing two tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung pushing open collaboration is good, and hopefully, it will lead to some big surprises for members of the Galaxy ecosystem. Only time will tell just how useful these features actually are for everyday users, though we do look forward to seeing them in action ourselves once the new devices are available.

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