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Total War: Three Kingdoms to get Dynasty horde mode

You'll be able to take on an endless army with just three heroes when Total War: Three Kingdoms' Dynasty mode arrives.


If you’ve been looking for even more reason to pick up Total War: Three Kingdoms, then the upcoming release of the game’s Dynasty mode might be just what you’ve been waiting for. Dynasty mode is set to launch next week and will task players to withstand an endless horde of enemies with only the power of three warriors.

While the horde might have the numbers, players will still be able to make use of the special powers and abilities that the heroes have access to. It’s a great notion to think about, your three heroes wading into an endless pool of enemies before they just obliterate them. Of course, you’ll still need to play it smart and think strategically, but it should offer a nice challenge for players that have been looking for even more to do in the game.

Of course, there’s no lack of things to do in the base version of Three Kingdoms. In our official review Chris writes, “While I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of the series, I found a lot to like in Three Kingdoms. I did tend to shy away from the real time battles and found them to be tough to manage, but the campaign section of the game were a highlight. I appreciated the option to delegate battles when possible and attempting to play the diplomacy game was often rewarding.”

Total War: Three Kingdoms to get Dynasty horde mode

In Dynasty mode, killing one wave will trigger a stronger wave of reinforcements, and you’ll even need to tackle powerful enemy generals every third wave or so. Of course, your heroes will also get stronger along the way, as you earn more points for new skills. You’ll also be able to increase the unit size in Dynasty mode if you want, which will allow you to take the enemy units up from 80 warriors a unit to upwards of 960 warriors a unit. That’s an insane amount of units on the screen at one time, though, so make sure your PC can handle it before going too crazy.

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Dynasty mode is set to release next week on August 8.

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