Teen Titans' Khary Payton talks the origins of 'Booyah!'

Shacknews caught up with Cyborg voice actor, Khary Payton to talk about Teen Titans and the origins of his iconic "booyah!" catchphrase.


Teen Titans has seen a few iterations since it began several years ago. This year at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, we had a chance to catch up with Cyborg actor Khary Payton to talk about Cyborg, Teen Titans Go!, and the origins of Cyborg’s iconic ‘booyah!’ catchphrase.

Comic-Con is a treasure trove of experiences and encounters for comic fans and we spent quite a bit of time wandering the hallowed halls of the convention this year. We talked with quite a few people about upcoming projects, new comics, and even popular animated film series. Included among these talks was a sit down with Khary Payton, who has voiced Cyborg in the Teen Titans series.

While speaking with Payton at SDCC 2019, we learned a bit more about how he nailed the first iteration of Cyborg’s iconic ‘booyah!’ catchphrase. According to Payton, the first time they used the catchphrase, one of the producers on the show was worried that the phrase was a euphemism for drugs. However, after some convincing, they were cleared to continue using the catchphrase in the show’s writing.

You can check out the full interview with Payton above. Many might recognize Payton as the voice of Cyborg while Walking Dead fans will recognize him as Ezekiel, the ruler of the Kingdom in the show’s later seasons. Of course, Payton has appeared in several other projects over the years, and you can check out all of those over on his official IMDB page. It’s great to see a voice actor as excited about his work as Payton is and it definitely shows in his work.

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      um, I'm pretty sure that the origins of boo-yeah are from a notorious porno where a young man has managed to somehow insert both of his testicles entirely into the anus of a lady who is bent over. when the testicles are finally pulled free, there is an audible pop and he utters the timeless phrase "awwww... boo-yeah!" and now you know

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        It's from either Stuart Scott or the Boo-Yaa Tribe.

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