All Black Eagles characters and students - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Learn more about the characters and students in the Black Eagles, one of the three main Houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Not far into Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players are required to choose between the three Houses that make up the Officer’s Academy. If you want to be as prepared as possible, then knowing all the available students in each House is going to be important. In this guide, we’ll discuss the characters and students available in the Black Eagles.

All Black Eagles characters and students - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
The students in the Black Eagles House focus heavily around black magic and the use of axes.

All Black Eagle characters and students

There are eight students in the Black Eagles at the start of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As the House that’s focused around members of the Adrestian Empire, the Black Eagles includes Edelgard von Hresvelg, the heir apparent to the throne of the Adrestian Empire. Many of the students in this class focus heavily around the use of black magic and axes. We’ve included a list of all the students in the Black Eagles below, as well as included which classes they have access to with their given skills.

Character Name Available Classes Based on Starting Skills
Edelgard von Hresvelg Myrmidon, Soldier, Monk, Fighter, Lord
Bernadetta von Varley Solder, Fighter
Caspar von Bergliez Fighter
Dorothea Arnault Myrmidon, Monk
Ferdinand von Aegir Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter
Linhardt von Hevring Monk
Petra Macneary Myrmidon, Fighter
Hubert von Vestra Monk

It’s important to keep in mind that acquiring some of the subclasses in the classes we’ve listed above could take additional work on each student’s part. Because of this, you’ll want to focus them on the particular skills that they need to reach the specific classes and subclasses that you want them to grow into.

Black Eagles student strengths and weaknesses

If you're going to mentor the Black Eagles into the strongest batch of soldiers at the Officer's Academy, then knowing their strengths and weaknesses is going to be vital. The good news is we've included a table of all that information below, which should make it easy to keep up with all the student's strengths and weaknesses.

Character Name Character Strengths Character Weaknesses
Edelgard Swords, Knights, Axes Spells, Bows
Bernadetta Bows, Spears Axes, Swords, Unarmed, Knights
Caspar Axes, Unarmed Spells, Bows
Dorothea Spells, Swords Knights, Flying, Spells
Ferdinand Spears, Axes, Knights, Swords Unknown
Linhardt Spells Axes, Unarmed
Petra Flying, Bows, Axes, Swords Spells
Hubert Spells, Bows Spells, Flying, Axes

Now that you know about all of the students and characters in the Black Eagles, you can head back over to our Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide hub for even more help. Make sure you also check out our guide on romance and relationships in Three Houses.

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