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Fortnite teases Season 10 start date with cryptic tweets

Fortnite Season 10 is about to start off with a bang, it looks like.


As if the Fortnite World Cup weren't reason enough for fans to get hype about their favorite battle royale game, Epic Games took it upon themselves to start teasing more about what to expect from the game's tenth season, including dropping a release date. 

Fortnite Season 10 will be kicking off on August 1, and while we don't quite know what it will bring with it just yet, it certainly looks like we've been given some important clues as to what could be in the cards. It all started with the below tweet with an image of what appears to be Dusty Depot back before it used to be Dusty Divot. 

Dusty Depot was originally destroyed during season 4, so could this mark the return of the location? We don't know, but it certainly looks like that's what Epic Games is pointing to, especially with the caption "Think Back." What will we be thinking back to, anyway? 

Another recent teaser appears to show a massive robot, as well as the caption "Look Forward." These two images viewed in tandem suggest some sort of elements of the past and future combining – perhaps there's some sort of time travel involved, or portals that allow players to see things as they were and how they will be in the future? It's hard to say at this point, but the start of the season is just days away.

Though the Fortnite World Cup over, that doesn't mean the end of Fortnite competition, though. Epic announced during the World Cup that competitive play would keep chugging forward with the debut of the Fortnite Championship Series, which the developer noted that "every result matters" in. We're not sure what that means just yet, either, but all will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, keep it locked to Shacknews for additional updates. 

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