Pokemon Masters August release date set, pre-registration open

You can pair up with your own Partner Pokemon as early as this August on iOS and Android.


Can't wait to get your hands on Pokemon Masters? Pre-registration has begun, and you can go ahead and get in on the action right now.

Head over to the Google Play store or App Store to note your interest and get registered for Pokemon Masters ahead of its new, official release date: August 19. Yes, it's finally dated, and there's some new footage to go along with the news as well.

Players in Singapore will get their own preview of the game, as will trainers in Canada. The preview version will allow players to try out parts of the game before its worldwide launch without the need to pre-order. Player progress in these areas will be saved and can be brought forth to the final version of the game.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Masters is the newest Pokemon game in the series, forged as part of a partnership between DeNA and The Pokemon Company. Now that it's coming to iOS and Android on an official date, you can start getting all the training in you probably need so you can mop the floor with your opponents. You'll go out on adventures to build teams of trainers and partner Pokemon to clash in 3-on-3 real-time battles. The game takes place on the island of Pasio, where battles tend to play out a little differently. Sync pairs are the new hotness, which are comprised of both Pokemon and their trainers.

Pokemon Masters will bring pairs from all over each Pokemon region for the first time together to make sync pairs, such as Brendan and Treecko, Korrina and Lucario, and Clair and Kingdra. There will be tons of trainers on Pasio, which should offer plenty of surprises along the way.

There will be 65 sync pairs at launch with additional characters coming after release. You'll use three pairs to battle throughout the game, and recruit friends to play as well. Battles will play out in real-time and players can direct trainers to use moves and healing items just like in the regular Pokemon games.

Ready to embark on your new Pokemon Journey? Only a few short weeks left, so make sure you pre-register and don't miss out. 

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