How to switch back to the old Twitter layout

You can switch back to the old Twitter layout in your web browser with a few easy steps.


If you’re like me, you have a strong dislike for the new Twitter layout in web browsers. Things are moved around, text is bigger, and every time you log out and back in, it defaults to the top tweets instead of what I assume all sane people want, chronological order. Thankfully, there are a few ways that users can switch back to the old Twitter layout, at least for the time being.

Switch back to the old Twitter layout

Switch Back to Old Twitter

Update July 25, 2019: Several users are reporting that the previously revealed trick to getting the old Twitter layout back doesn't work consistently. Thankfully, an enterprising Twitter user and software developer known as Zusor has created a browser extension known as GoodTwitter that will keep the old layout for as long as the extension is active. It's currently available for free download on both Firefox as well as Chrome.

Be warned, though: This is an unofficial, fan-created extension, and as such there is no guarantee that it will work, nor that it won't interfere with other extensions or apps. Shacknews holds no liability for technical problems or software issues that may occur after download and/or installation of the GoodTwitter extension. With that said, I've downloaded and installed the extension for Firefox personally, and it appears to function perfectly.

The previous fix came to us by way of Twitter user @Schmutzie_ , who uncovered a workaround that allows users to switch back to the old Twitter layout temporarily. Though not as straightforward as the browser extension, this method still seems to work for many users:

  • Click on Settings & Privacy
  • Click on About Twitter
  • Click on Directory
  • Click on Home (upper left corner)

Seeing as how I can’t stand the new layout, this quick fix has brought me great relief, even if it’s only for a short time until Twitter shows up and stomps on my soul a little bit more. It’s not without its flaws, though, as opening a new window or tab will give you the new Twitter layout in all its grossness. For now, the only viable, semi-permanent solution is to install the GoodTwitter browser extension. Otherwise, users will have to repeat the above process every time they open Twitter.

Now that you know how to switch back to the old Twitter, be sure to keep it locked on Shacknews for all your cutting-edge technology needs. If you’re here for video games, which is kind of what we do best, our video game release dates 2019 guide can help you choose your next big video game adventure. Truth be told, though, if all we ever do is help you reclaim your old Twitter, we’ll call that a win.

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