Glenn Murakami talks Batman Beyond's success & short lifespan

We sat down with Glenn Murakami at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to talk about Batman Beyond, the show's success, and its somewhat short lifespan.


If you’re a fan of Batman Beyond, a short-animated series that ran from 1999-2001, then you’ve probably wondered why the show had such a short run at some point or another. We had a chance to talk to the show’s producer, Glenn Murakami at this year’s SDCC, where we learned a bit more about the show’s three seasons, as well as how the team juggled it and several other animations at the same time.

In our chat with Murakami, we learned that the team on Batman Beyond was working on several other projects at the same time. When asked why it only ran for three seasons, he stated that the entire process was a bit of a tornado, and he wasn’t really sure why the series didn’t go on for longer.

Also, according to Murakami, the series was a bit of a slow burn with the audience picking up on things as it continued on. “I remember the fans being pretty freaked out by it, and I feel like they didn’t come around until a little later.” For many younger fans, though, Batman Beyond was a breath of fresh air for the caped crusader.

When asked if the series had any chance of returning with future seasons, Murakami stated that he didn’t know anything about that. He said that he wasn’t involved in those kinds of decisions. Of course, this doesn’t really give any weight to whether or not we’ll see a return of the series, but it’s always something that fans will hope for. For now, we'll at least have the HD remasters of the original show to dive into and enjoy.

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