Ghost Recon Wildlands update brings new game mode, Mercenaries

Get to the chopper at an unknown extraction point so you can escape the level with your life.


Ghost Recon Wildlands is welcoming a new Mercenaries mode this week, and you're invited to see it all go down.

This new free-for-all, 8-player PvE mode invites players to be the first one to fight their way to and board the chopper that's on its way to touching down on the map. That's after you make the rescue call, find and actually get to the extraction point. Then you can finally jump aboard, no sooner. At the beginning of each match, the extraction point will be in a different, unknown location. It's your job to find it and try to haul ass there, despite all the obstacles in your way.

If that sounds difficult, it's because it almost undoubtedly is, even for seasoned players who have seen much more complicated odds. 

At the beginning of each match, you won't have any ranged weapons to use, nor gear or other items. Like in Fortnite or other battle royale games, you've got to root around the map for them and get lucky enough to find something that works.

All the while, other players will be doing the same thing, in addition to finding radio transmitters scattered about the map. The extraction zone will continue to shrink as the match progressions, until the three transmitters have been activated. Then the chopper will make its way over to the extraction point and its location will be broadcast to all players. If you can fill your extraction gauge and high-tail it on over and board the chopper, you'll emerge victorious.

Once you finish your first match, you'll get the free Lone Wolf costume as a reward as well as additional goodies based on how often you win matches. There's gong to be a special Rewards program available in-game until September 27, which you can participate in by playing games and completing sets of special challenges for items you can use in Ghost Recon Breakpoint when it releases on October 4.

There's a lot going on for Ghost Recon players right now, so be sure to get involved in the festivities if you're still playing.

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