Minecraft Earth beta sign up and download FAQ

Learn how to sign up for the Minecraft Earth closed beta, as well as how to download the game.


If you’re looking to try out Minecraft Earth, then you’ll soon have the chance, as the closed beta has finally started to kick off. To help you get started, this FAQ will teach you everything you need to know to sign up and download the Minecraft Earth beta on your iOS or Android device.

Minecraft Earth beta sign up and download FAQ

If you’re interested in downloading and playing Minecraft Earth and you live in the Seattle and London areas and have an iOS device, then you can sign up for the beta starting today. There’s no official release date for the closed beta on Android, though the developers have assured users that more information will follow via the official website very soon.

You’ll also need an iOS device to play Minecraft Earth in the two cities that we mentioned above, though there are plans to expand the offerings to other cities within the coming days. Because of this, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated with any new information that’s pertinent to those looking to play Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth beta sign up and download FAQ

Now that we’ve talked about availability, though, let’s touch on how you can sign up and download the Minecraft Earth beta. To sign up, you’re going to need to head to the Minecraft Earth website. Here you can choose the sign up now button, which will allow you to enter your information. From here, all you need to do now is wait. Unfortunately, only a selected number of individuals will be allowed into the first phase of the closed beta, though we’re sure that more will follow as the game stabilizes and grows.

Sadly, there’s no way to guarantee access to the Minecraft Earth beta just yet. Once you’ve been approved for access, you should be able to download the game through your respective app store on a device with Android 7 or iOS10. You can also return to our main Minecraft Earth hub, where you’ll find more info, guides, and other content waiting for you.

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