Overwatch Summer Games 2019 dated for August, Hero 31 teased

The Overwatch Summer Games are returning a little earlier this year, but still no word on what day we can expect our new Hero 31.


Overwatch players, get ready for the next Summer Games limited time event, but don't get your hopes up just yet for your new playable character in July.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, things are going to be a little different this year. In a new developer update, Kaplan explained that the Summer Games 2019 event will take place a little earlier this year instead, and Hero 31 would instead be revealed later on.

Unfortunately, probably because he knew that's exactly what we'd want to know more about, Kaplan didn't offer a specific date as far as when Hero 31 might be making his (yes, Kaplan stressed the world "he") debut. Instead, Kaplan said "he is going to be awesome," and the team needs a little more time to make him "even more awesome." It's been since March since players had a chance to try out a new character in the form of support character Baptiste, and they're likely chomping at the bit for something new now that we're this close to a new event.

As far as when to expect the Summer Games 2019 to begin, this year's event will start a little earlier, and Blizzard will instead run three weeklong challenges alongside Summer Games, so players can nab three unlockable epic skins. As far as what those are right now, we can't say.

We'll keep you appraised on all the latest Overwatch news, so long as there happens to be any coming up, after all. Hopefully we get some sort of inclination as to when we can expect to see either the new hero or the Summer Games 2019 event here soon enough.

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