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Warframe weapon prank blows up a police car for fun

What happens when you let people think a Warframe weapon actually works in real life?


What happens when you give unsuspecting passersby on the street in New York City a gun pulled straight out of a video game? You get a hilarious prank that'll give you the giggles.

Prankster and filmmaker Michael Krivicka took to YouTube with his Video Game Weapon Prank, which is part of a viral ad campaign for Digital Extremes' Warframe. In the video, he's having people on the street posing for a fun video game photo shoot with a large Opticor weapon prop. Everyone is told not to pull the trigger while posing.

Except every single time someone tells you not to do something, that only serves to make you want to do it more, and people pull the trigger every single time. The result is the Opticor "firing" an invisible pulse that splits a police car in two - or so they all think.

The car is rigged in such a way that it's pulled in half (and a mailbox is blown away) and people can't believe what they're seeing. The reactions range from slightly amused to total meltdowns over people thinking they've actually blown a car in two. Some people offer a meek "sorry," as if they could have possibly done such a thing with a prop gun.

From far away, you can easily tell that the car has been engineered to be pulled in half, but it was probably super weird to happen in real life. Check out the brilliantly-orchestrated prank and let us know how you would have responded.

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